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Effective communication between home and school is increasingly important as we adjust instruction at Pinewood to meet the individual needs of all students. It is also important because of the value of parent involvement and support in enhancing student achievement.

What is my student’s target for growth? Can you show me how my student is progressing? How can I help my student reach his goals? Pinewood staff will respond to these questions and others in a variety of ways throughout the year. Here are some examples of how staff will keep parents current on student expectations and progress.

Goal-setting meetings

Goal- setting meetings will be held with parents of all students at Pinewood in the fall. This will provide parents and teachers with a face-to face opportunity to set individual student goals and understand the needs and current learning level of each child. Our goal is to help every child reach high levels of growth during the upcoming school year.

Face-to-face meetings and other types of communication

Parent-Teacher meetings to discuss student progress will continue to be offered during the upcoming year. There will be a shift from conference days to communication hours, when families can meet with teachers. By restructuring the calendar from previous years, teachers have additional time to communicate with families throughout the year – without impacting the time teachers spend with students. Teachers will also offer information on student progress via different forms of electronic communication. Updates will be available via face-to-face meetings,, progress reports, newsletters, phone conversations, e-news and on-line communication

Home-to-school communication

Visit teacher websites to connect you with Pinewood Staff and find more information. We hope that you find these options to be helpful in communicating student progress throughout the upcoming school year!